Different Specialties.
Same DNA.

Some of today’s toughest business challenges are a bit like safety deposit boxes — they just can’t be opened with a single key. Often, unlocking these requires both marketing and technology solutions that work in unison.

At Anthologic, our companies share a common viewpoint of imagination and mindfulness, which means while we’re separate companies, we’re seasoned partners. So you don’t have to deal with interagency funk, multiple project downloads or coordination nightmares.

Meet the Team.

Kevin Lentz
Anthologic Partner
Jeff Regenold
Executive Creative Director
Anthologic Partner
Jim Swanson
Chief Culture Officer
Anthologic Partner
Sarah Miller
PM President
Anthologic Partner
Amy Kline
Chief Financial Officer
Adam Faircloth
IT Director
Alyssa Saunders
Director of Enterprise Initiatives and Integrations
Ashley Graber
Employee Experience Manager
Jamie Nelson
Accounting Manager
Kirstin Hill
Compensation and Benefits Manager
Laura Hill
Office Manager
Val Cote
Accounting Specialist

Meet the Collective.