Different Specialties.
Same DNA.

Some of today’s toughest business challenges are a bit like safety deposit boxes — they just can’t be opened with a single key. Often, unlocking these requires both marketing and technology solutions that work in unison.

At Anthologic, our companies share a common viewpoint of imagination and mindfulness, which means while we’re separate companies, we’re seasoned partners. So you don’t have to deal with interagency funk, multiple project downloads or coordination nightmares.


Kevin Lentz


The catalyst. Kevin founded the company and keeps it moving forward. He’s also the driving force behind client dinners.

Matt Glynn

Chief Operating Officer

The pragmatist. We count on Matt for smart decisions (as well as his impeccable sense of style).

Jeff Regenold

Vice President, Creative Director

The scientist. Jeff combines research, strategic thinking, design skills and experience into creative concoctions.

Jim Swanson

Vice President, Creative Director

The mixologist. On a daily basis, Jim serves up a delightful blend of creativity, insights and enthusiasm.

Nate Adamson

Vice President, Technology

The technologist. Nate’s a problem-solver, thinker, doer. He prefers technology that’s useful rather than just flashy.

Sarah Miller

Vice President, Account Service

The humanist. Sarah is all about client and staff relationships, building and deepening them to help ensure success and growth for all.

Jeff Carey

Director of Search

The analyst. Jeff has an unquenchable thirst for detail, always digging deeper to find a new edge or uncover a new online opportunity.

Dan Swenson


The synergist. Motion graphics. Visual effects. You name it. Dan brings together everything that helps tell the story.